I can make you a monkey!

My name is Tue Volder.

 My art is driven by appealing monkey CHARACTER DESIGNS - either in heavy black ink, watercolours or colourful paintings -and EXCITING SITUATIONS that tell a story while making an awesome piece of art to hang on your wall. 

Why do we love monkeys?

We're fascinated with monkeys because they're fantastic caricatures of us with their big ears and goofy expressions.
When you see them in a human situation they can shine a silly light on a pompous character or make something already cool look even more fresh and free.
They are who we don't want to be and who we wish we were at the same.
The monkeys are a twisted mirror on our own self-understanding.
Do you want a monkey for yourself? Go here.


From early on i was consumed with everything drawn and with drawing myself.
I grew up heavily on comics . I loved the style of belgian comics with their energetic, elastic inked brushstrokes as well as the warm, intelligent humour. I also loved the artists of Mad magazine -especially Jack Davis, Mort Drucker and Sergio Aragonez. In Denmark we had our own guy Martin Bigum too.
As a grown up artist i'm still obsessed with all that but also materials, texture and colour.

I originally trained and worked in animation and storyboarding before going on to become a freelance artist.
For many years i did concept art, character designs and miscelanous art for a variety of companies and agencies.
But i was pulled towards doing my own thing, building on my own vision of something that gave ME AND YOU BOTH AN EXPERIENCE TOGETHER. 
The last few years i've truly found that through THE MONKEYS! 

Art shows:

2014: Solo art show "Let the monkey out" at Cityard Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.
2015: Closed solo exhibition at Industriens Pension in Copenhagen, Denmark.
2017: Solo art shows "Abekattestreger" at Art Mind Gallery in Aarhus, Denmark and at Run For Cover in Copenhagen, Denmark.